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Why Give to Stanford

Supporting students, fueling groundbreaking research, advancing solutions to societal challenges—there are so many reasons to give to Stanford. No matter what you choose to support, your gift has a positive impact.

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7 reasons why giving matters

It’s easy to wonder, “Can my gift really make a difference?” The answer is “yes.” Gifts of all sizes play an essential role at Stanford.

I was fortunate to have been admitted to Stanford. I had top grades, but as a first-generation immigrant, I had little guidance. Receiving an amazing education was just the beginning. I am grateful for all the doors that opened to me and the opportunities that came my way.

I’m proud to be a tiny part of the impact that Stanford has on making our world a better place. My contributions today are a small way of giving back for so much that I've received over the past 25 years. 

Shadi Aryanpour Farokhzad, ’97

Shadi Farokhzad

What about Stanford’s endowment?

With an endowment valued at $28.9 billion, it’s reasonable to wonder why Stanford can’t spend more. The endowment makes amazing things possible, but there are limits on how it can be used.

I am forever grateful for my life-changing experience at Stanford—the interdisciplinary studies and exuberance of my peers truly opened up my world. Supporting Stanford is my way of making sure other students can have the same amazing opportunities that I did.

Alice Mo, ’87

Alice Mo

Make your gift

Learn. Discover. Innovate. Express. Debate. Heal.
That’s what your gifts empower Stanford’s people to do.