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Families Help Stanford Students Thrive

In partnership with Stanford’s faculty, staff, and administrators, we are a community that cares deeply about our students’ education, growth, safety, and well-being.

A family smiles at convocation

A long history of giving by family, friends, and alumni has helped make Stanford the wonderful place it is. You can continue that legacy with your support for today’s students. One of the best ways to do that is through The Stanford Fund.

How The Stanford Fund supports students

From move in to graduation—and all the moments in between—you have a hand in your student’s experiences at Stanford. Chances are, The Stanford Fund does, too.

The Stanford Fund for Undergraduate Education plays a major role in the uniquely diverse Stanford environment. When you give through The Stanford Fund, all students, including your own, benefit from your generosity.

  • Making a Stanford education accessible to all

    From the university’s first days, generous parents, families, alumni, and other benefactors made it possible for all admitted students, regardless of their background, to find their place at Stanford. The university’s need-blind admission practice is sustained by the promise to meet the full demonstrated need of all U.S. undergraduates throughout their four years on campus—through scholarships, not loans.

    Today, the need for scholarship support has never been greater. About half of all Stanford families depend on need-based scholarships through the university. The Stanford Fund bridges the gap between scholarship funding and total student need.

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  • Helping students ignite their passion, find their voice, and expand their world

    More than 130 student-run groups, from the arts and club sports, to social justice and diversity, received support from The Stanford Fund last year. A core part of your student’s Stanford experience, these vibrant, diverse communities help to expand perspectives, create friendships, and foster leadership, team building, and other skills that last a lifetime.

  • Advancing curriculum and expanding learning for all students

    All three schools that grant undergraduate degrees—Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability—receive support from The Stanford Fund. This support has enabled a range of academic and research programs—from interactive chemistry classes and expanded studio and electronic arts, to opportunities for undergraduates to work alongside prominent faculty on cutting-edge research.

Support for what matters, when it’s needed

In fiscal year 2022–23, nearly 3,000 parents collectively contributed more than $4.6 million to The Stanford Fund. Unlike endowed or restricted funds, Stanford Fund gifts are flexible and go to work right away in support of undergrad priorities and academic opportunities. And, when critical needs arise, that flexibility means funds can be quickly directed to where they’re needed most.

Stanford Fund Parent and Family Partners

As a parent or guardian of a current undergrad, when you contribute $2,500 or more annually (per family) through The Stanford Fund, you join the ranks of Parent and Family Partners. Because tuition only covers about half of a Stanford education, annual giving provides a reliable source of support for all undergrads. Parent and Family Partner members also receive invitations to special events and recognition in Stanford publications.

Ways to get involved

Get involved

Stanford parent volunteers

Join in! Get involved in your local area through the Stanford Alumni Association, by hosting or assisting with Stanford gatherings, or by making a gift. However you choose to help, your participation is welcomed. Contact (650) 736-7554 or

Get involved

Parent and Family Partners Committee

The Parent and Family Partners Committee raises funds by spreading the word about giving at the Parent and Family Partners level ($2,500 or more annually, per family). Committee volunteers are invited to special events and receive recognition in Stanford publications. Complete our Volunteer Form.

Get involved

The Parent and Family Advisory Board

Leading the way in parent volunteerism, the advisory board assists with fundraising, outreach events, and provides important feedback to the university’s administration. This group of more than 50 families from around the world typically meets three times per year.

Why participate

We couldn’t have imagined a better place for our children. We support The Stanford Fund for Undergraduate Education because the university creates an academically engaging, collaborative, nurturing environment for students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We want to help sustain that.

Genevieve and Bernard Mensah, Parents ’22, ’24, ’26
Co-Chairs, Parent and Family Advisory Board

Genevieve and Bernard Mensah

“In my short time here, I have learned so much about myself and about the world. Stanford has helped me diversify my perspectives and become a better global citizen. The generosity of Stanford Fund donors inspires me. I hope someday I can give back to society by assisting other financially challenged families and students.”

Joanne Lim, ’22

“At Stanford, I have taken classes that stretched my mind to its limits, talked to guest speakers who are prominent in their fields, and met amazing friends. I am immensely grateful for the scholarship support that helps students like me achieve our dreams at this amazing university.”

Jupinder Parmar, ’22

“I want you to know that I am going to do my very best to honor your generosity. In the long run, I want to take the opportunities that Stanford offers me and turn my life and my life’s work into something that will benefit the greater good.”

Jack Roche, ’23

Meet our team

Jane Harrison

Senior Director, Stanford Parent and Family Engagement

(650) 725-6881

Jane has worked at Stanford in various roles since 2003 and became the director of the Stanford Parent and Family Engagement program in 2011. Prior to Stanford, Jane was the director of annual giving at the J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Jane earned her BA from Queen’s University in Canada.

Ceci Evangelista

Associate Director, Stanford Parent and Family Engagement

(650) 725-4285

Ceci has worked at Stanford for more than 30 years, serving as associate director of the Stanford Parent and Family Engagement program since 2016. Ceci received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Stanford.

Ruth Vera-Cedro

Assistant Director, Stanford Parent and Family Engagement

(650) 736-7554

Ruth joined Stanford in 2012 and has been project manager for the Parent and Family Engagement program since 2017. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Santa Clara University.

Ready to make a gift?

Supporting students, fueling groundbreaking research, advancing solutions to societal challenges—your gifts to Stanford drive positive change in the world.