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Join the Founding Grant Society

If you let Stanford know about your intended bequest or other planned gift, we will be able to thank you and recognize you as a member of the Founding Grant Society, which honors those who have made a planned gift to the university.

Guests at Founding Grant Society Luncheon

A Stanford legacy

In 1891, Jane and Leland Stanford founded Stanford University in memory of their son, Leland Stanford Junior, with their own gifts and bequests. Over the 130 years that have followed, the work of the university continues thanks in large part to the bequests and estate gifts of alumni and friends.

The Founding Grant Society recognizes and honors all individuals who provide support for Stanford in their wills, trusts, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance designations, and other planned gifts. By joining others who have taken this step, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you are part of an important legacy.

The charter of the Founding Grant Society states that for members, “the Stanfords’ university also becomes their university ... each individual act of support reaffirms the Stanfords’ promise to children about the future ... that it will be better, that they are needed to make it better, and that a legacy of education will serve them more than any other.”

Founding Grant Society events

As a member of the Founding Grant Society, you will be invited to periodic special member-only events, including student performances and lectures delivered by the university’s top scholars. The university publicly recognizes Founding Grant Society members who have expressly given permission to list their names. The university honors all requests for anonymity.


If you think you qualify for membership, please call, email, or write to us to inform us of your planned gift. We would like to thank you for your generosity, make sure the purpose of your gift is understood by the university, and include you as a member of the Founding Grant Society.

Luncheon Photo

Attendees enjoy a performance at the 2017 Founding Grant Society Luncheon.

Why I give

What inspires me the most is the good that comes from gifts to Stanford, and the university’s commitment to educating future leaders, making a difference in people’s lives, and benefiting humanity and the world.

Doug Brown, ’59, MBA ’61
Chair, Founding Grant Society