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Donor Communities

As a donor, your vision, generosity, and commitment to Stanford make a remarkable difference across the university. We’re honored to celebrate you and all that you do for Stanford.

Stanford Loyal

Stanford Loyal recognizes and celebrates the heart of Stanford—steadfast supporters who give consecutively for at least three fiscal years. By giving back, you demonstrate your dedication to providing others a Stanford experience like the one you had.

Leadership Giving through The Stanford Fund

When you make a leadership gift through The Stanford Fund, you help create exceptional experiences for today’s undergraduates. We recognize our most generous annual donors with three distinct donor communities: President’s Fund, Leadership Circle, and Parent and Family Partners.

Founders’ Circle

The Founders’ Circle recognizes those whose lifetime giving has surpassed $1 million. When you step into the Founders’ Circle, you become deeply connected with Stanford’s founders and you play a vital role in shaping the university’s future.

Founding Grant Society

The Founding Grant Society recognizes and honors those who provide support for Stanford with bequests and other planned gifts. When you join others who have taken this step, you become part of an important legacy of giving back to the university—one that began in 1891 with Jane and Leland Stanford.