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Giving Back, Looking Forward

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Stanford Loyal recognizes and celebrates the heart of Stanford—steadfast supporters who give consecutively for at least three fiscal years. By giving back, you demonstrate your dedication to providing others a Stanford experience like the one you had.

Chances are, there’s someone special at the heart of your Stanford connection: a classmate or professor, a coach or caregiver, a friend or mentor. By looking forward, your gifts honor these relationships while also ensuring the Stanford community continues to thrive.

Why I give

Toni Allen

Toni Allen, ’75

“If you have ever rushed the field at the end of the game, kept a scorebook for 9 innings, held your breath during the balance beam routine, marveled at the endurance of an extra time soccer match, you are invested in Stanford Athletics and the athletes. Consistent yearly giving allows those moments to continue.”

Joyce Chung
Graduate school of business

Joyce Chung, MBA ’91

“Stanford GSB continually evolves to strive for positive impact in the world and I feel both honored and grateful to be a part of this lifelong community. With our support, I hope to welcome new MBAs to the GSB community so that they can pursue their dreams.”

Katherine Toy '95
Graduate school of education

Katherine Toy, ’91, MA ’95

“I gave my first gift to the GSE as a token of my gratitude for all that I learned in STEP and for the lifelong cohort of friends and fellow educators that I gained while at Stanford. I continue to give because I believe that education has the power to transform lives and communities. I’m proud of my alma mater for the research and people it puts into the world.”

Alessia Falsarone
School of humanities & sciences

Alessia Falsarone, MS ’03

“I am proud to be Stanford Loyal because I bring the Stanford mission with me every day—in my work, as a mother, as a mentor, and as a change agent in my community.”

Shannon Eagan
stanford law school

Shannon Eagan, JD ’00

“I give to Stanford to remain connected to the school and its wonderful alumni. By supporting Stanford Law School, each of us can give back in an exponential way—by helping to train the next generation of lawyers and change agents.”

Grant Lichtman '80
Stanford earth

Grant Lichtman, ’80, MS ’80

“My contributions are how I ‘carry forward’ the help that I received as a Geology student years ago. At the time, I received support from a former student, so I feel grateful to carry on the tradition.”

Judith Karp '71
Stanford medicine

Judith E. Karp, MD ’71

“Stanford gave me a wonderful foundation for building my career, that’s why it’s important for me to continue to give back year after year. Stanford has always prized innovation and independent thinking—it’s a great place to develop ideas!”

Scott Kim '00
The Stanford Fund

Scott Kim, ’00

“Stanford shaped how I look at the world, and introduced me to many new experiences. I owe so much to my time at Stanford, and hope that others can experience the same opportunities I did. Simply put, after having received so much, I think it’s important to give back and help the next generations of Stanford students.”

June Lee
School of engineering

June Lee, MS ’13, PhD ’17

“Thanks to those who generously gave to Stanford before me, I was able to receive a fellowship during my graduate studies. Through my continuous giving, I hope to inspire the future generation of Stanford students to dream big and make a difference not only in their lives, but also in lives of others.”

Share your story

Add your story! Why do you choose to be Stanford Loyal? We'd love to hear how Stanford has impacted your life and what inspires you to give year after year.  Thank you for being Stanford Loyal.

Frequently asked questions

  • Stanford Loyal donors are the core of our community of supporters. Donors are recognized as Stanford Loyal when they give to Stanford three or more consecutive fiscal years (September 1 - August 31), including at least one gift to an annual fund in one of the past three fiscal years.

  • All gifts to the university count toward your Stanford Loyal status. However, at least one gift in the past three fiscal years must have been to an annual fund.

  • While making a pledge does not count toward Stanford Loyal status, your pledge payment does count.

  • No. After three consecutive fiscal years of making gifts to Stanford, you will automatically qualify as Stanford Loyal. However, there may be a short delay while we update our honor rolls.

  • To see if you are Stanford Loyal, look for your name on the Honor Roll.

  • If you miss a consecutive fiscal year of giving, your Stanford Loyal status will lapse. You cannot “make up” a gift by counting multiple gifts in the same fiscal year. However, you can regain your Stanford Loyal status with three consecutive fiscal years of giving.

  • The generosity of alumni, parents, and friends is vitally important to Stanford, and every gift counts! Together, Stanford Loyal gifts add up to millions each year for financial aid, academics, research, and patient care.

  • Please feel free to email

Our gift to you

Please enjoy these downloadable, digital Stanford calendars for your computer or tablet background. Click on the appropriate screen resolution below the photo of your choice to open and save as your background.


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