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Turn your service hours into dollars to donate

You’re a senior or recent grad who cares about supporting Stanford students and causes in your communities. But it can be difficult to do it all with limited time and resources. Thanks to the generosity of alumni challengers, you can do both at once through the Dollars for Doers Challenge!

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How it works

For every hour of volunteering you complete (up to 10 hours) before July 31, you’ll unlock $25 to donate to support Stanford students through the area of your choice, like financial aid, mental health, or student life.

Students build a structure with drills on wood
Step 1

You’re a senior or recent graduate

Age is just a number. But for this challenge, you can participate because you are a current senior or you graduated between 2018 and 2021.

For seniors, this challenge counts toward your Class of 2022 senior gift!

Volunteering food bank
Step 2

Complete up to 10 hours of volunteer service

Volunteer at a nonprofit organization of your choice, or find an opportunity through Beyond the Farm. No pledges or previously completed hours will be accepted.

Read more about the rules in the FAQs below.

two students plant seedlings in a garden
Step 3

Submit a form to unlock your gift

Once you complete your volunteer time, fill out this form with some brief details about your experience. Submit the form to unlock your dollars to give toward a Stanford Fund designation of your choice.

Results from last year’s challenge


Hours served


Dollars raised


Submit your hours

Fill out your volunteering information and unlock your gift.

Frequent questions

  • You can volunteer at any non-profit organization of your choosing (Stanford affiliated or not), as long as your service falls under challenge guidelines (see next question).

    Not sure where to start? This year we’re hosting service projects for you to take part in!

    • Seniors come volunteer on the Farm on Earth day, Friday, April 22nd! (Check the Seniors for TSF website for more details soon)

    • Recent grads pick a service project to join for Beyond the Farm, Saturday, April 30th…your hours will count for Dollars for Doers! (Check out the Beyond the Farm website soon for more details)

    • Interested in earning volunteer hours through The Stanford Fund? Email us and we'll let you know how you can help!

  • Eligible U.S. charitable organizations must be either:

    • Tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not classified as: private foundations, family foundations, political organizations, or fraternal organizations.

    • Accredited public pre-K-12 schools or school districts in the United States to which contributions are tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Code.

    Eligible non-U.S. charitable organizations must be either: 

    • Recognized by and registered with the United Kingdom Charity Commission as a charitable organization (United Kingdom Charity Commission website). 

    • Recognized by Charities Aid Foundation-America as a charitable organization. An alumnus can search on the website to determine if their organization is included in that listing. CAFAmerica website

    The following organizations or categories of service are NOT eligible for a gift match through this challenge:

    • Any religious organization (churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship), or other organizations primarily promoting religious purposes. However, we will consider credit for volunteering with such organization’s programs that are non-sectarian, are open to all individuals regardless of religious beliefs, and benefit a broad base of community (ie helping at homeless shelters, soup kitchens or providing other social services). You may be asked to provide additional proof of the community project in order to receive match credit.

    • Any hours of service that result in advertisements or other promotions of an individual’s business activities.

    • Any hours of service that provide benefits directly to any individual, alum or their families.

    • Any organization that discriminates based on race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran status, disability status, or espouses hate.

    • Any organization that does not comply with the U.S. Patriot Act (or other applicable anti-terrorism rules/laws).

  • All hours must be completed and submitted by July 31, 2022.

  • Fill out the form. That’s it! We’ll be in touch to confirm your service and gift are counted.

  • Any current senior or undergraduate alumnus from the classes of 2018 through 2022 can take advantage of this challenge. 

  • We understand that sometimes the first few years out of undergrad can be the most unpredictable, and challenging to make a gift. Our challengers see this as a simple way for you to stay connected to Stanford and your communities.

  • Yes! Any completed Beyond the Farm project hours from April 30 this year will count towards the challenge. Just fill out our form!

    If you’re looking to lead or attend a Beyond the Farm project this year, visit their website:

  • Only volunteer hours completed after the start of the campaign will count for the match (no planned, pledged, or promised service allowed).

    The challenge start date is:

    • Current seniors: March 1, 2021

    • Alum ’18 to ’21: April 1, 2022

  • First off, nice work and thank you for your support! You can continue to help by texting, calling and linking this page to classmates on social media urging them to participate alongside you. We want every alum from ’18 to ’22 to come together and make a collective impact!

    We also encourage you to stay in touch with The Stanford Fund and Stanford any way you can: attend events, volunteer your time, and write to let us know what you'd like/not like from us in the future.

Have additional questions or interested in earning volunteer hours through The Stanford Fund?

Reach out to us at

(We promise we’ll answer you!)

Volunteering gardening

What your gift can support

You can choose to designate your gift to any of these areas supported through The Stanford Fund

Financial aid

Support a more equitable future in Stanford education by giving toward need-based financial aid. Nearly half of all undergrads receive financial aid each year.

Community centers

Promote justice, belonging, and equity on campus with a gift toward the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership.

Opportunity Fund

Help provide flexible grants for undergraduate students to cover unexpected expenses like emergency travel or registration fees for a conference.

Student life

Support the student groups and campus-wide events that make the Stanford experience fulfilling, unique, and fun.


Support all three undergraduate schools to expand class offerings and provide additional academic support for students.

Mental health

Help increase appointment capacity at CAPS, expand virtual and telephone visits, and improve community outreach.

All of the above!

Support all these important initiatives with one gift through The Stanford Fund.

About the challengers

Paul Yoo

Paul Yoo, ’06

“I joined this challenge because our time, treasures, and relationships find their noblest form in building and serving our community.  Through service, we learn that a person's momentary grace can make life infinitely beautiful.”

Logan McClure Davda

Logan McClure Davda, ’08

“Stanford is an incredible community of passionate humans. I’m excited to participate in this challenge in order to give all seniors and recent grads the opportunity to support the issues they care most about on campus.”

Heidi Boyd

Heidi Boyd, ’07

“All Stanford alumni have a responsibility to give back to their local and global communities.  I'm excited to take part in a program that can help recent grads deepen their linkages to the university while also forging linkages with in-need organizations and populations.”

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