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Leadership Giving in Your Reunion Year

A reunion campaign offers meaningful opportunities to give back to Stanford during your reunion year.

Reunion giving is a tradition at Stanford, and you have an important role to play.

The Stanford Band

Why give at the leadership level?

From the universitys first days, a Stanford education has been subsidized by the generosity of the founders, alumni, and other donors. When you make a leadership gift, you have a powerful impact on students’ lives and inspire others to give back.

Philanthropy is key to advancing a range of university-wide priorities—including patient care, research, faculty support, undergraduate education, and financial aid.


of Stanfords operating expenses are covered by the endowment, which means that more than two-thirds of the universitys operating expenses must be funded from other sources.


of all Stanford undergraduates now receive need-based aid directly from the university.

1 in 3

undergraduates pays zero tuition. Scholarship support from Stanford fully covers tuition for families with incomes below $150,000. For families with incomes below $100,000, Stanford also covers room and board.


of Stanfords endowment is restricted, limiting the universitys ability to spend more to cover expenses as needed.

The many ways to make an impact

All gifts to Stanford count toward our class gift. Together, our class can help prepare students to be leaders, pioneer new technologies, and create new standards of medical care.

Learn about other areas you can support with your reunion gift.

Scholarships: A defining commitment

While there are many ways to give in honor of your reunion, undergraduate scholarships are among the universitys highest fundraising priorities.

Stanford’s long-standing practice of need-blind admission is backed by a promise to meet the full demonstrated need of all U.S. undergraduates throughout their four years on campus. Only a handful of colleges and universities can uphold such a pledge.

Endowed scholarship funds are the foundation of Stanford’s financial aid program. Dedicated to supporting students in perpetuity, they help carry Stanford’s commitment into the future.

Expendable scholarships through The Stanford Fund help bridge the gap between endowed scholarships and other sources of financial aid. The combination of endowed and expendable gifts enable Stanford to keep its historic promise to students.

To amplify the university’s commitment to the affordability and access of a Stanford education, a generous match is being offered to support and increase the impact of leadership gifts to financial aid. The Fast Forward Match provides a 1:2 match to fund current-use Stanford Fund scholarships and endowed need-based scholarships.

Learn more about an exciting matching opportunity to increase the impact of your scholarship gift.


of students graduated debt-free in 2023.


is the median amount of debt for Stanford students who do take out loans—far below the national average.

1 in 5

undergraduates is the first generation in their family to attend a four-year university.


undergraduates received flexible one-time grants through the Opportunity Fund in the 2022-23 academic year.

“Thanks to the financial support I receive from the university, I have been able to fully explore my interests without constraints. I am forever grateful to study at Stanford. I appreciate the opportunities it has granted me and my family.”

Adam Acevedo, ’23

Like nearly half of all undergraduates, Adam received need-based aid from the university, thanks to The Stanford Fund and endowed scholarships.

adam acevedo headshot

Why I give

Vandita Khullar Singh

“Stanford is one of those places that transforms lives. It brings together some of the most interesting people I have ever known, from all walks of life and corners of the planet. It helps each student learn more about themself and enables them in their pursuit of their passions. Most of all, it provides lifelong friendship and community. I am proud to be a volunteer this campaign season. Stanford has transformed my life and I want to help ensure Stanford has the resources to continue its good work for the next cohort and the generations to come.”

Vandita Khullar Singh, ’04

Craig Falkenhagen

“Stanford is making exceptional contributions to the world that go far beyond its basic educational mission. Answers to some of the most pressing problems humanity is facing are being solved with the help of members of the worldwide Stanford community across many disciplines. Both Sally and I believe that supporting Stanford is one of the best uses of our volunteer time and our philanthropic dollars.”

Craig Falkenhagen, ’74

“Stanford continues to be a huge influence in so many alumni lives, including mine. I think we realize that our opportunities at Stanford were largely built on the works of past and present students and faculty as well as the financial generosity of the university’s alumni benefactors. Helping to be a part of those opportunities for future generations of students just feels right.”

John Cieslewicz, ’04

The impact of annual and multiyear giving

A woman shares her joyous reaction to getting her acceptance letter

Many alumni choose to make annual gifts through The Stanford Fund because these gifts can have an immediate impact.

Stanford Fund gifts are unrestricted, so they can be used where they are most needed within the undergraduate program. In Stanfords overall budget, very few sources provide this flexibility. When critical needs arise, The Stanford Fund plays a major role in meeting them.

Reunion commitments often take the form of multiyear pledges, typically over a five-year period. The entire amount of the pledge counts toward your class reunion giving total. Check your employers policy on matching gifts—your company may double or triple your reunion gift.

Many alumni commemorate reunions by combining an annual or multiyear commitment to The Stanford Fund with a gift of endowment for a scholarship, professorship, athletic program, or other purpose.

Ways to give during your 2024 Reunion Giving Campaign

2024 reunion campaigns will run from January 1, 2024, through December 31, 2024. All gifts and pledges made during your reunion calendar year count towards your reunion campaign.

Endowed need-based undergraduate scholarships

Gifts of scholarship are critical to fulfilling Stanfords pledge to meet the demonstrated financial needs for all qualified undergraduates.

  • $250,000 and up (can be made in multiyear pledges)

  • $175,000 and up when established by recent alums with undergrad degrees from 15 or fewer years ago

Gifts of endowment

Endowed funds establish permanent investments and provide a continuing source of support.

  • Professorships: $6 million

  • Senior Fellows: $6 million

  • Faculty Scholars: $4 million

  • Graduate Fellowships: $2 million

Leadership giving through The Stanford Fund

The Stanford Fund’s most generous annual donors are recognized at the following giving levels:

  • Stanford Fund Scholarship: $25,000 or more per year, or a pledge of $125,000 or more

  • President's Fund: $10,000 or more, or a pledge of $50,000 or more

  • President's Fund (young alumni): $5,000 or more for alums five to nine years after graduation, and $1,000 or more for alums one to five years after graduation

  • Leadership Circle: $1,000 or more, or a pledge of $5,000 to $49,999

  • Leadership Circle (young alumni): $500 or more for alums five to nine years after graduation, and $100 or more for alums one to four years after graduation

  • Parent Partners: $2,500 or more from parents of current undergraduates

Create a Donor Advised Fund at Stanford

You can make a tax-deductible gift of $1 million or more to establish a fund today and advise as to how the university will use your gift—in its entirety or in incremental designations—in the future. Find more information about donor advised funds here.

Other vehicles for charitable support

Fast Forward Match

Stanford has committed matching funds to help simultaneously fund current-use Stanford Fund scholarships along with endowed need-based scholarships.

Signaling the importance of this scholarship fundraising effort, the university has committed matching fundsat a ratio of 1:2 (match amount to donor amount). The university match will be added to the donor’s endowed fund. Over time, the intention is to seek additional outside matching fund support to further expand this initiative’s impact on Stanford students. (Note: The match also applies to current-use Buck/Cardinal Scholarships combined with endowed athletic scholarships.)

How Fast Forward matching works:

* Based on Stanford Fund Scholarship award of $25K.

** Based on annual fund payout of 5.5% and average scholarship award of $52K. Because award amounts vary based on each student’s demonstrated need, the number of recipients supported will vary. As the endowed fund’s value increases over time, the fund may support more students.

Be recognized

All reunion donors are recognized in online honor rolls published to the entire reunion class throughout the reunion year.

Additionally, reunion donors who give through The Stanford Fund at the President’s Fund Level ($10,000 or more) receive invitations to annual receptions and special events. A leadership gift of $25,000 or more per year establishes a Stanford Fund Scholarship and provides a range of benefits, including a personal connection to students.

Why I give

Bonnie Tom

“I was a recipient of financial aid at Stanford. I remember what it felt like to realize that going to my dream school was in fact going to be possible for me and my family. If we can help one more student feel that joy, it's worth it.”

Bonnie Tom, ’14

John Kleinheinz

“As a Stanford alum and a Stanford parent alum, the University continues to be an important part of our lives. I am proud to serve Stanford in a variety of capacities to ensure the same experience for future generations. There is no time like the present to make a difference!”

John Kleinheinz, ’84