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Your Class of 2019 Reunion Campaign

FROM Your reunion campaign committee

A message to the Class of 2019

This October, we’ll have the chance to return to campus and celebrate together, reconnecting with the people and the place that changed us. Some of us found our calling at Stanford, some found partners, and all of us made lifelong friends. We've signed on as the Class of 2019 reunion campaign committee, and are asking for your support this year.

The 5th Reunion Campaign focuses on two goals:

  • Creating fun and memorable opportunities for class connection.

  • Raising support to ensure current students have the same opportunities we had.

Throughout the year, this page will be updated to reflect giving opportunities, events and highlights from the campaign. We hope you’ll join us in coming together to celebrate and make an impact!


Mady Duboc, Ryan Dudzinski, Charmayne Floyd, Georgina Grant, Shay Hayden, J.B. Horsley, Jessica Koenig, Sam Laurin, Danielle Limcaoco, Brittany McGee, Janelle Miller, Olu Olaleye, Christina Pan, Sarah Richard, Kennedy Schumacher, Joanne Shang, Vanessa Sims, Cole Thomson, Charlie Xu, Claire Zau, and Edric Zeng

Your reunion campaign, done your way

Step 1: Choose one of two ways to give back

1. Donate now

Whether it’s $20.19 or $200, you can make an immediate impact by supporting Stanford students in ways that are meaningful to you. All gifts made through December 31, 2024 will count towards our campaign and help our class make a collective impact. See your choices and make your gift below. 

2. Donate over time

Make a commitment on your terms by selecting the flexible payment plan that works best for you. The total amount of your multi-year pledge (including any payments made after 2024) will be counted towards our 5th reunion campaign.

Step 2: Choose where to send your gift

This is your chance to support the parts of Stanford you are most passionate about.

So much of our student experience was supported by alumni before us, and now it’s our chance to pay it forward. When you give through The Stanford Fund, you can choose to support an area of campus that was important to your experience, or one that you’re passionate about.

Your gift will be doubled!

During our 5th reunion, your gift goes even further. Thanks to a generous alum, any gift made through The Stanford Fund will be matched 1:1, up to $1,000, until December 31, 2024. That means double the support for financial aid, mental health resources, and more.

Our progress

On behalf of Stanford and the class giving team we gratefully acknowledge alumni who have made a gift or pledge to Stanford in honor of reunion.  These numbers reflect campaign commitments made between January 1 and May 15, 2024 (including some prior gifts made in honor of reunion). Our remaining honor roll deadlines are August 31 and December 31. Final results will be posted in February 2025.


Dollars raised


Class participation

(Goal: 20.19%)


Gifts to The Stanford Fund

Still wondering how your gift can make a difference?

When you give through The Stanford Fund, you support programs and initiatives that make the Stanford experience exceptional for all students.

“Financial aid has provided me the opportunity to attend this institution, and for that I am so grateful. Through Stanford, I was able to connect with an amazing group of women of color in my year. After connecting, we decided to begin a nonprofit organization together focused on combating racism through education reform. Our efforts have been deeply supported by the university and I know that this experience would not have been possible if I wasn't a Stanford student.”

-Jasmine Nguyen, ’23

“I never thought Stanford was in the cards for someone from a socioeconomic background like mine. However, thanks to The Stanford Fund, I attended Stanford tuition-free, completed a summer program in Mexico, and studied abroad in Japan for over a year. These experiences deeply enriched my time at Stanford, and the lessons and memories I gained from these years will stay with me always.”

-Cristina Ammon, ’21

“Thanks to generous financial aid and the Leland Scholars Program I have not had to worry about money. With that level of foundational support, I was able to do more. I worked interesting side jobs which furthered my career prospects in the non-profit and technology spaces, and I was even able to begin investing in stock and currency markets. I do not think that a price can be placed on the mental security that comes with financial security. The ripple effects are almost incalculable.” 

-Anonymous Leland Scholar

Frequent questions

  • Giving isn’t just about need—it’s about impact. Stanford is tackling big problems at a global scale, and we can't do it without your support. Stanford is among the few institutions with a long-term outlook, addressing challenges that can take more than a lifetime to solve.

    Consider that you’re not giving to Stanford; you’re giving through Stanford. And with your gift, you’re supporting people and programs working toward critical advances in medicine, education, foreign policy, technology, sustainability, social policy, and much more.

    With your gift, you are supporting the health and well-being of all students, fostering an inclusive community, and helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. The energy, ideas, and inspiration that begin on our campus have an impact on our communities, our country, and the world at large. A Stanford student who benefits from your generosity today might go on to found the next Google, become a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, or make groundbreaking advancements in medicine, sustainability, or technology.

  • The majority of gifts to Stanford—and 75 percent of endowment funds—are restricted and must be used as the original donors intended. For example, funds given for research cannot be used for financial aid or be transferred from one academic school to another.

    Each year, the university spends the maximum from the endowment that is sustainable over time. In a typical year, the endowment payout covers about 21 percent of Stanford’s more than $6 billion operating expense—so the university must fund about 80 percent of its annual expenses via other sources, including through gifts from the Stanford community.

    The combination of endowed gifts and annual giving helps Stanford provide financial aid to all qualified U.S. students, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Yes! Most gifts made to Stanford are less than $1,000—but together they add up to millions. And the flexibility of annual, expendable gifts makes them especially valuable.

    The annual payout rate of an endowed fund is about 5 percent. That means a $1,000 gift made through The Stanford Fund has the same budget offset as a $20,000 endowed fund. Such funding is vital for creating a rich and vibrant learning environment that benefits all students.

  • Reunion campaigns are critical to the university's continued success, and supporting today’s undergrads through The Stanford Fund is a top priority for your class campaign. Stanford Fund dollars sustain the many aspects of the student experience that make Stanford unique. Virtually all the university’s 7,700 undergrads benefit in some way from The Stanford Fund, and the Farm simply wouldn’t be the same without the generosity of alumni who give during their reunion campaigns.

Class of 2019 reunion campaign committee

Join Us

Our Class of 2019 Reunion Campaign Committee is looking for leaders within the Class of 2019 to provide their talent, perspective and experience to create an impactful and celebratory campaign.

We hope you’ll consider volunteering for a campaign that brings classmates together to raise funds and awareness for areas of Stanford that directly impact the undergraduate experience if you:

  • Are passionate about supporting Stanford and effecting positive change

  • Are looking for opportunities to reconnect with classmates and the University

  • Have interest in learning more about non-profits and fundraising

Questions? Reach out to our Class Giving Officer Emma Kirby at or (650) 721-9303.