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Class of 2000

2020 Reunion Campaign Report

See how you and your classmates made a difference


The 2020 class reunion campaigns have wrapped up, and we’ve tallied the results!

486 members of the Class of 2000 generated more than $5 million in gifts and pledges to support undergraduate education, financial aid, groundbreaking research, and so much more.

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and commitment. Your gift is supporting those who are learning, researching, and helping Stanford drive positive change in the world.

Committee Member and Volunteers

A special thank you to the Class of 2000 reunion campaign committee:


Ward Bullard
Becky Novotny Bullard
James Deutsch
Evan Liang
Eric Liaw
Peter Morrow

Planned Giving Chair

Alex Tenorio


Paige Wellington Austin
Jennifer Avery-Emani
Timothy Beard
Vanessa Tung Benjamin
Jennifer McMillan Beyerlein
Stephanie Blossom
Lea Bonnecaze
Marisa Brutoco
R. Ryan Capalbo
Tara Hale Capalbo
Stephen Chan
Eleanor S. Y. Chang
Jonathan Cheng
Joan Chiao
Ian Chiu
Sarah Jones Collins
Charley Dean
Jessica Epperson
Anne Ewing
Bobby Ferrario
James Greene
Kelly C. Nystrom Griffin
Susie Cranston Hamilton

Tran Hang Goodman
Marin Heiskell
Colby McGavin Holtshouse
Charles Hudson
Shauna Itri
Kerstin Johnson
Ashley Levy Kemper
John Kemper
Scott Kim
Christopher Klare
Andy Lam
Jessica Shi-Cha Lan
Hendrick Lee
Sabrina Fang Liang
Amy Chiou Liaw
Stephen Lim
Aaron Ling
Elizabeth Lippert
Audrey Louie
Nicole Love
Emma Lozman
Kenneth Mah
Megan Algeo Mariani
Katie Miller Caldwell
Gabriel Miller
Reiko Osaki
Leslie Simmons Pierson
Nehal Raj
Ingrid Rechtin
Erin Bouchier Schaefer
Andrei Stamatian
Gabby Duno Turner
Geoffrey von Oeyen
Jason Willock
Jayson Yuan

Class of 2000 reunion campaign results

January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021


dollars raised
($3.5 million goal)


gifts through The Stanford Fund
($1 million goal)


class participation

486 donors

added to class honor rolls

Why I gave

The relationships and opportunities that I received at Stanford continue to open doors even 20 years later. Having received so much, I feel that giving back time and money is the least I can do.

Evan Liang, ’00

Evan Liang 00