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1969, 1964, 1959, 1954+ Class Reunion Campaigns

Class of 1969

Class of 1964

Class of 1959

Class of 1954

FROM Your reunion campaign co-chairs

Welcome to your reunion campaign!

Every five years, our class has the opportunity to reconnect, reflect on and celebrate our time at Stanford.  Some found our calling here, others found partners, and all of us made lifelong friends. We’ve signed on as co-chairs for our reunion campaign, and are asking you to join the campaign committee alongside us.

Our reunion campaign focuses on two goals:

  • Creating fun and memorable opportunities for class connection.

  • Raising support to ensure current students have the same opportunities we had.

Throughout the year, this page will be updated to reflect giving opportunities, events and highlights from the campaign. We hope you’ll join us in coming together to celebrate and make an impact!


Lynn Cipolat Archer, ’64, Marian Leib Adams, ’64, Pam Flebbe Brandin, ’64, Bill Landreth, ’69, Eleanor Watkins-Laney, ’69, Peter Haas, Jr., ’69, and Shirley Peppers, ’69

Committee volunteers

Doug Brown, ’59
Barbara Herrmann Hart, ’59
Al Lauer, ’59
John Lillie, ’59

Marian Leib Adams, ’64
Betty Gerson Amstutz-Gerson, ’64
Lynn Cipolat Archer, ’64
James Banks, ’64
Mike Bardin, ’64
Bill Bauriedel, ’64
Pam Flebbe Brandin, ’64
Andrea Maharam Corcoran, ’64
Carl Greenwood, ’64
James Harris, ’64
Linda Cook Hickman, ’64
Carrick Cruzen McLaughlin, ’64
Dick Pantages, ’64
In memory of Alan Fox, ’64

Lynn Bahrych, ’69
Norm Boone, ’69
Holly Wheeler Brady, ’69
Scott Burns, ’69
Kit Cameron, ’69
Ellie White Cannan, ’69
Todd Crawford, ’69
Charles Daly, ’69
Kathleen Gerson, ’69
Peter Haas, Jr. , ’69
Roberta Reiff Katz, ’69
Marta Fingado Ketchel, ’69
Bill Landreth, ’69
Eleanor Watkins-Laney, ’69
Gregg Murphy, ’69
Shirley Peppers, ’69
Wick Peterson, ’69
Fred Prager, ’69
Roberta Williams Robertson, ’69
Kathleen Steele Rubenson, ’69
David Rubenson, ’69
Fred M. Tileston, Jr., ’69
Roberta Williams Robertson, ’69
Abbie Hicks von Schlegell, ’69
Patricia Wilson, ’69

Give back during your reunion year

So much of our student experience was supported by alumni before us, and now it’s our chance to pay it forward.

Whether you give through The Stanford Fund or to another part of Stanford, you can choose to support an area that was important to your experience or that you are passionate about.

All gifts made through December 31, 2024, will count towards our class reunion campaign and help our class make a collective impact.

Donate online

Make a secure gift online today. You can make an immediate impact by supporting Stanford students in ways that are meaningful to you.

Mail your gift

Make checks payable to “The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University” or “Stanford University” and mail to:

Stanford University
P.O. Box 20466
Stanford, CA 94309-0466

Please include a note telling us how you’d like your gift to be used (for example, “gift designated for The Stanford Fund”).

Make a pledge

Reunion commitments often take the form of multiyear pledges, typically over a five-year period. The entire amount of the pledge counts toward your class’ reunion giving total.

Our progress

On behalf of Stanford and the class giving team we gratefully acknowledge alumni who have made a gift or pledge to Stanford in honor of reunion.  These numbers reflect campaign commitments made between January 1 and May 15, 2024 (including some prior gifts made in honor of reunion). Our remaining honor roll deadlines are August 31 and December 31. Final results will be posted in February 2025.

Class of 1969

$7,691,966 raised

$490,014 gifts to The Stanford Fund

10% participation

Class of 1964

$10,703,954 raised

$102,330 gifts to The Stanford Fund

11% participation

Class of 1959

$17,446,519 raised

$155,101 gifts to The Stanford Fund

9% participation

Class of 1954

$69,145 raised

$52,870 gifts to The Stanford Fund

6% participation

Get involved

Help us reach our goals by volunteering with our campaign committee—just a few hours of your time makes a big impact. For more information about our campaign, please contact our reunion campaign team.

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