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Fast Forward Match

To magnify the impact of donor support for students, the university is mounting a significant drive seeking gifts that will simultaneously fund current-use Stanford Fund Scholarships along with endowed need-based scholarships.

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Because financial aid is one of Stanford’s highest priorities, the university has mounted the Fast Forward Match, a significant drive seeking gifts that will simultaneously support both current-year and endowed scholarships.

For donors able to commit at least $500,000 (or $250,000 for graduates within the last 15 years), Stanford will match your gift at a ratio of 1:2 (match amount to donor amount). The combined funds create both a current-year scholarship and an endowed scholarship fund in your name.

Your gift goes to work fast, with students receiving aid now. And it keeps going forward, with endowed funds supporting students of the future in perpetuity.

How Fast Forward matching works

* Based on Stanford Fund Scholarship award of $25K.

** Based on annual fund payout of 5.5% and average scholarship award of $52K. Because award amounts vary based on each student’s demonstrated need, the number of recipients supported will vary. As the endowed fund’s value increases over time, the fund may support more students.

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For more information, please contact

Ben Daniels

Associate Director of Development, Undergraduate Education
(650) 497-1395