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Endowed Positions at Stanford

Endowed positions are gifted by donors to support outstanding faculty, staff, and campus leaders. Through these meaningful investments, donors help enhance the Stanford community and strengthen the university’s future.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

The information presented in the table below is arranged alphabetically by title. Additional information is at Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

TitleCurrent Holder
The Thomas Davies Barrow ProfessorshipRoland N. Horne
The Keleen and Carlton Beal ProfessorshipAnthony R. Kovscek
The Welton Joseph and Maud L’Anphere Crook ProfessorshipStephan A. Graham
The Steven and Roberta Denning Global Sustainability ProfessorshipTo Be Named
The Steven and Roberta Denning Professorship in Global Governance for SustainabilityTo Be Named
The Emmett Family Faculty ScholarNicole M. Ardoin
The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green ProfessorshipPaul Segall
The George L. Harrington ProfessorshipRosemary J. Knight
The Terry Huffington ProfessorshipScott Fendorf
The Kara J Foundation ProfessorshipNoah Diffenbaugh
The W. M. Keck ProfessorshipRobert B. Dunbar
The Dorrell William Kirby ProfessorshipJonathan Payne
The Wayne Loel ProfessorshipGregory Beroza
The Otto N. Miller ProfessorshipLouis Durlofsky
The Barney and Estelle Morris ProfessorshipBiondo Biondi
The Chester Naramore DeanshipArun Majumdar
The Benjamin M. Page ProfessorshipDr. David Brian Lobell
The Victoria and Roger Sant Directorship of the Earth Systems ProgramKabir Peay
The Donald and Donald M. Steel ProfessorshipKevin R. Arrigo
The Max Steineke ProfessorshipTo Be Named
The Sykes Family E-IPER DirectorshipKrish Seetah
The Cyrus Fisher Tolman ProfessorshipSteven M. Gorelick
The William Wrigley ProfessorshipRosamond L. Naylor

This site is a comprehensive directory of endowed positions at Stanford. It is updated six times per year, following meetings of Stanford's Board of Trustees. Last updated April 29, 2024. For questions or corrections please email