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Protesters fill a street

Foster scholarship and research on race

Support scholars working to solve the problem of racial injustice, help to add to their number, and ensure they have the resources and platforms to accelerate their research.

Stanford's promise

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in a Learning Environment) is a set of campus-wide initiatives designed to ensure that diversity of thought, experience, and approach is represented in all sectors of our education and research enterprise; that all community members feel they belong and are supported regardless of their background, identity, or affiliations; and that all community members have broad access to the opportunities and benefits of Stanford. While the broader IDEAL initiative seeks to address issues of belonging and inclusion, a second framework aims to address racial justice at Stanford. This new effort recognizes that Stanford had not yet brought its full strengths to bear in addressing the social impacts of race and racism on our society, or the foundational inequities that exist in our society based on race.