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Cardinal Service

When you give to Cardinal Service, you help prepare Stanford students to become skilled and dedicated citizens, forming lifelong habits of serving the public good to address our most pressing social, political, and environmental challenges.

Cardinal Service supports four dimensions that have proven to be transformative in the lives of students: a full-time quarter-long service experience (Cardinal Quarter), community engaged learning courses (Cardinal Courses), sustained service engagement (Cardinal Commitment), and support to integrate service into any career (Cardinal Careers).

Today more than ever, Stanford students yearn for opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to the creation of a more just and sustainable world.

Stanford is leading its peers toward a civic resurgence in higher education and answering Jane Stanford's call that our students "be of greater service to the public." Through this far-reaching collaboration across the campus, the Haas Center, the hub of Cardinal Service, seeks to make public service a core part of Stanford's rich tapestry of tradition, identity, and culture.

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