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Catherine Lechicki at Big Sur overlooking the ocean

Catherine Lechicki, '18, on a trip to Big Sur during her first year at Stanford.

Helping Students Feel at Home at Stanford

These stories are written by students and highlight how your gifts through The Stanford Fund shape their experience at Stanford.

I don't think any words can adequately express my gratitude to the donors who support current students through The Stanford Fund. You have made such a difference—not only in my life, but in the lives of so many other Stanford students.

Catherine Lechicki in Washington DCI'm part of the Stanford Transfer Network, one of the student groups your gifts help support. When I arrived on campus for move-in day, a group of transfer students from previous years showed up at my dorm to welcome me to campus and get me settled in. I was so surprised when people started shouting "Welcome to Stanford, Catherine!" as I wheeled my suitcase up to the front door. They looked me up before I arrived so that they could recognize me as I walked up to the building. It meant a lot to me, and immediately made me feel like part of the Stanford community!

New transfer students at Stanford have to figure out how everything works and adjust to a new environment pretty quickly. It's really important to have the support of the Stanford Transfer Network. STN has been an integral part of my undergraduate experience!

Your generosity makes Stanford an extraordinary place for undergraduate students like me. Thank you!

Catherine Lechicki

Catherine Lechicki
Class of 2018