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Recent estate gifts

Stanford is grateful to the generous alumni and friends who have remembered the university in their estate plans. The following is a sampling of recent estate gifts.

DONALD CHESSMORE, ’50, designated Stanford as a beneficiary of a retirement account, resulting in a distribution of $120,000 in unrestricted funds to support the university.

BARBARA LAUER CLAIBORNE, AM ’55, named Stanford as the beneficiary of a brokerage account and a portion of her estate. Her gift of $1.3 million will support graduate students in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

LAWRENCE NICHOLAS CRAFT, a friend of the university, bequeathed $310,000 to Stanford Health Care.

CURTIS ENGELHARD, MS ’71, bequeathed $50,000 in expendable funds to the School of Engineering.

EUNICE ERB GOODAN, ’47, and her late husband, DOUGLAS GOODAN, ’45, left $18 million through their charitable remainder unitrust for scholarships and the Hoover Institution.

DONNA KRUPP, ’42, left $700,000, representing a portion of the residue of her trust, to the Donna Goodheart Krupp Scholarship Fund for undergraduate students.

JANICE MCCOY MILLER, ’60, bequeathed $500,000 to the Graduate School of Education.

ELIZABETH CASPERS PETERS, ’49, left a portion of the proceeds from the sale of real estate resulting in a gift of $2.4 million to the Doris Taylor Caspers and Elizabeth Caspers Peters Scholarship Fund, which supports students majoring in English.

HOBERT PRICE, ’53, JD ’55, named Stanford as a beneficiary in his will, resulting in $1.8 million to be divided between The Stanford Fund for Undergraduate Education and Stanford Law School.

BRUCE M. PUTNAM, ’52, MS ’61, designated Stanford to receive a portion of his trust residue. The university received $85,000 to be divided equally between the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and the swimming and water polo programs.

GERALD SELTZER, ’53, left $10,000 in unrestricted funds to the university.

ROY STANFORD, ’46, MD ’50, left more than $1.3 million in unrestricted funds to benefit Stanford Health Care and to support medical students in the School of Medicine.

ELLEN UHRBROCK, MBA ’56, designated Stanford as the trustee of two charitable remainder unitrusts. When the trusts end, the remaining trust assets will provide support for the Department of Music and the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, and fellowships for graduate students in the Stanford Graduate School of Business.