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Senior Gift Campaign

The Senior Gift Campaign is a fundraising effort for The Stanford Fund. It is led by members of the senior class during your graduating year. There is no minimum donation, and 100 percent participation sends a message. Give now to the Senior Gift campaign!

Why Give to Senior Gift?

It's paying it forward. It's tradition. It's leaving a legacy.

​Since 1994, seniors have been expressing their gratitude to Stanford by donating to Senior Gift. Every dollar raised by Senior Gift goes directly to The Stanford Fund—not the endowment. The Stanford Fund is a fund spent entirely on undergraduate education through financial aid, supporting student groups, and backing academic innovations and programs.

Your Gift Can ...

  • Pay it forward. Many of the opportunities you enjoyed while a student were made possible by annual gifts through The Stanford Fund.
  • Help bring a freshman to campus next year. More than half of all contributions go directly to need-based financial aid.
  • Cultivate student leadership. More than 100 student groups on campus receive funding from The Stanford Fund.
  • Keep Stanford cutting edge. Funding academic programs and innovations allows us to stay at the forefront of education and make meaningful impacts on the world.
  • Say thank you for a wonderful four years. By donating any amount to Senior Gift, you're saying thank you for everything you've received during your time here while saying you believe in the next generation.