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  • Map of Stanford's arts district

    Arts District on Campus

    AS PART OF THE EFFORT TO INTEGRATE THE ARTS into everything that Stanford does, a new Arts District is taking shape on campus, with the planned construction of Bing Concert Hall, the McMurtry Building, and a new home for the soon-to-arrive Anderson Collection at Stanford University—all in proximity to the Cantor Arts Center, Memorial Auditorium, and Frost Amphitheater. Grouped around Palm Drive, the new buildings welcome both the campus community and public audiences.

  • Artist's rendering of the Bing Concert Hall

    Arts District on Campus

    WHEN BING CONCERT HALL opens in 2013, its superb acoustics and state-of-the-art technical capabilities will thrill students and faculty in the music department, as well as Bay Area audiences for the Stanford Live performance series. With an intimate 842 seats, the venue will attract renowned performers and raise the aspirations and abilities of campus artists to new heights.

  • Artist's rendering of the McMurtry Building

    Arts District on Campus

    THE MCMURTRY BUILDING, due to open in 2015, will provide a new home for Stanford's art and art history department, bringing under one roof programs in art practice, art history, film, and design and maximizing their interactions. Adjacent to the Cantor Arts Center and the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, the building will also help integrate academic programs with the university's substantial museum collections and curatorial expertise.

  • Artist's rendering of the Anderson Collection Building

    Arts District on Campus

    THE ANDERSON COLLECTION BUILDING will house the core of the Anderson Collection, one of the world's most outstanding private collections of post-World War II American art. Scheduled to open in 2014, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University will provide a rich resource for teaching and research, and become a destination for scholars and art lovers alike. Its proximity to the Cantor Arts Center and the McMurtry Building will transform the way the arts are studied and experienced at Stanford.

  • Cantor Arts Center

    Arts District on Campus

    THE CANTOR ARTS CENTER, Stanford's original museum, continues to serve the university's academic program and the local community. The Stanford Arts Initiative strengthened the center’s collections and created new opportunities for faculty and students, who now play a major role in exhibitions, gaining access to collections and experience in professional curation.