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  • Thyra Tegner with Sally and Ed Truitt

    Thyra Tegner, '56, with Sally, '56, AM '57, and Ed Truitt, '56, MBA '61. PHOTOS: Steve Castillo

  • The St. Lawrence String Quartet

    The St. Lawrence String Quartet, in residence at Stanford since 1988, played pieces by Haydn and Beethoven

  • David and Lynn Mitchell with Doug Brown

    David, ’'57, and Lynn Mitchell are joined by Doug Brown, '59, MBA '61, chairman of the Founding Grant Society

  • Dawn and Peter Neisser

    Dawn Neisser, '79, with her father, Peter Neisser

  • Boon and Waltraud Ding

    Boon and Waltraud Ding

  • Amy Scrivne and Cort Van Rensselaer

    Amy Scrivner, '80, with her father, Cort Van Rensselaer, '44, MBA '48

  • Hassan and Mahvash Milani

    Hassan and Mahvash Milani

  • Stephen Sano

    Music Department Chair Stephen Sano, the Harold C. Schmidt Director of Choral Studies, performed on a ukulele made from leftover wood from the concert hall's construction

  • Dan Rubin, Lina Thompson Swisher, and Barbara and Peter Wertheimer

    Dan Rubin, Lina Thompson Swisher, '57, and Barbara and Peter Wertheimer

  • Carol and N. Stewart Rogers

    Carol and N. Stewart Rogers, '51

  • Robert and Dorothy King with Dick Gould

    Robert, MBA '60, and Dorothy King are joined by Dick Gould, AM '60

  • Gary Gielow and Tom Shamp

    Gary Gielow, '57, and Tom Shamp

  • Nancy Weeks Rossen and Norm Rossen

    Nancy Weeks Rossen, '54, AM '55, and Norm Rossen

  • Deedee and Burt McMurtry

    Deedee and Burt McMurtry, MS '59, PhD '62

  • Gale Wilson-Steele and Gregory Steele

    Gale Wilson-Steele, '74, and Gregory Steele

  • Patti and John Zussman

    Patti and John Zussman, PhD '77

  • Peter Stansky and Ellen Urhbrock

    Peter Stansky, the Frances and Charles Field Professor of History, Emeritus, and Ellen Urhbrock, MBA '56

  • Vicky and Jim Merchant

    Vicky, '73, JD '78, and Jim Merchant, MBA '72, JD '72

  • Patty Chu and Colbert Dare

    Patty Chu and Colbert Dare

  • Talisman, a Stanford student a cappella group

    Talisman, a Stanford student a cappella group, sang music from South Africa

Founding Grant Society Concert

February 2014

More than 400 Stanford alumni and friends gathered at the Bing Concert Hall in February 2014 for a special concert held for Founding Grant Society members. Stephen Sano, chair of the music department and the Harold C. Schmidt Director of Choral Studies, spoke about the hall's construction and Stanford's growing arts district. Guests also enjoyed musical performances by the St. Lawrence String Quartet and the Talisman singers, a student a cappella group. The Founding Grant Society was created to honor and thank those who plan to leave a legacy for the university through their bequests and other planned gifts. For more information about the Founding Grant Society, please contact the Office of Planned Giving.