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Recent Estate Gifts

Fall 2018

Stanford is grateful to the generous alumni and friends who remembered the university in their estate plans. The following is a sampling of recent estate gifts:

JOHN BONVILLIAN, PHD '74, bequeathed $27,000 to the School of Humanities and Sciences, to support graduate education and the Department of Psychology.

JAMES E. ECKLES, '62, MS '64, PHD '66, left $7.16 million from his retirement account. His gift endows the James E. Eckles Undergraduate Scholarship Fund and creates the James E. and Karen P. Eckles Fund to support the Hoover Institution.

THOMAS P. GRIESA, LLB '58, made a bequest of $25,000 to Stanford Law School.

CHARLES W. HUMPHREY, a friend of the university, designated $150,000 to support the Buck/Cardinal Scholarship Fund for student athletes.

HELEN KESSEL MCCRARY, '52, left $431,000 of her trust residue to endow an undergraduate scholarship fund, with a preference for supporting students from Stockton, California.

BRUCE TYSON MITCHELL, '48, JD '51, designated $1.8 million to be distributed equally among undergraduate financial aid, athletic scholarships, and support for graduate students at Stanford Law School.

HARRY S. and RACHEL R. MORGAN, parents of DAVID MORGAN, '71, bequeathed $100,000, which was added to the Harry and Rachel Morgan Scholarship Fund in undergraduate education.

ARNO G. MOTULSKY, a friend of the university, left $10,000 from his retirement account to create the Arno G. Motulsky Fund for the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

KINGE OKAUCHI, '49, MS '50, made a bequest of $500,000 to support undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the School of Engineering.

MARIE RIHOVA, a friend of the university, named Stanford as a beneficiary of her charitable remainder unitrust, leaving $34,000 to support the university. Her gift is unrestricted for the university.

ANN C. WRIGHT, a friend of the university, left $900,000 to the School of Medicine. Her gift will support research on brain tumors, in honor of Barbara Jane Evans, MS '82, PhD '84, as well as research in the fields of heart valves, breast cancer, and diabetes.